Larry Dean

The Impact of Temperature on Windshield Replacement


Windshield replacement is a necessary process for any driver who has experienced damage to their vehicle's windshield. However, numerous drivers may be unaware of how temperature can affect the process of replacing a windshield. Here are some ways that temperature can affect windshield replacement and what you need to know before scheduling your appointment. Temperature and Adhesive Bonding The adhesive used to bond your new windshield to your vehicle is sensitive to temperature.

11 October 2023

3 Facts You Should Know About Mobile Windshield Replacement Services


If your windshield was recently damaged, mobile windshield replacement services can make getting this damage repaired both quick and convenient. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to take advantage of these mobile services because of common myths and outdated information. Taking the time to review the three facts discussed below can help to ensure that you do not make the same mistake. Fact #1: You Can Use Insurance Coverage For Mobile Windshield Replacement Services

16 May 2022

Investing In A New Windshield For Your Vehicle


Failing to properly address damage to a car's windshield can lead to the vehicle becoming extremely unsafe to operate for the driver. However, windshield repairs and replacements can be a stressful topic for many vehicle owners. Myth: Only Shattered Windshields Need To Be Replaced A common assumption about windshield replacements will be the belief that these panes of glass will only need to be replaced in the event that they have been completely shattered.

28 January 2021

3 Critical Tips for Dealing With a Damaged Windshield


Has your vehicle recently been vandalized by having the windshield smashed? Or was the windshield damaged in an accident but you still need to have it replaced as soon as possible? Whether you have a windshield that was damaged by accident, nature, or by simple malice, this can be a frustrating thing to deal with. With the right steps, you'll be able to get your vehicle fixed relatively easily and painlessly.

21 February 2020

Replacing Your Damaged Auto Glass


The mechanical components of a vehicle will often get the most attention from the owner. Yet, there are many other parts of the vehicle that can also suffer damage. The auto glass can be particularly vulnerable to suffering damages that will have to be addressed. Failing To Replace Damaged Auto Glass Can Be A Significant Safety Risk When auto glass suffers significant damage, the risk of it failing while the vehicle is in use will be substantially higher.

21 January 2020