Investing In A New Windshield For Your Vehicle


Failing to properly address damage to a car's windshield can lead to the vehicle becoming extremely unsafe to operate for the driver. However, windshield repairs and replacements can be a stressful topic for many vehicle owners.

Myth: Only Shattered Windshields Need To Be Replaced

A common assumption about windshield replacements will be the belief that these panes of glass will only need to be replaced in the event that they have been completely shattered. However, there are many types of windshield damage that a car owner may assume are minor, but these may actually be too severe to fully repair. A deep chip may result in the windshield needing to be replaced despite the chip being in a seeming out-of-the-way location. However, the chip could have caused severe structural weakness that may make it much more likely for the glass to fail.

Myth: It Will Take At Least An Entire Day To Replace A Windshield

Many automotive repairs will be extremely lengthy processes that most people will find to be highly disruptive. Yet, a windshield replacement may actually be one of the faster of the common repairs that your vehicle may need to undergo at some point in the future. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it can be possible for the windshield to be fully replaced in as little as an hour or two. Furthermore, there is little need to take your vehicle to a repair facility as there are mobile windshield replacement services that will be able to install a new windshield wherever your car is located.

Myth: A Replacement Windshield Will Not Be As Secure As The Original Glass

Another assumption that is often held about windshield replacement services is that this will not provide a secure repair for the vehicle. However, this is not the case given that the new windshield will be secured using the same types of adhesives that were first used to hold the glass in place. These adhesives will be very different from the glues that may be around your home as they will be formulated to be incredibly strong while also resisting degradation as a result of moisture exposure and drastic swings in temperature. As a result, these adhesive resins will be more than capable of securely holding your windshield in place for years after they have been applied, which can allow you to have confidence in your car's replacement windshield.


28 January 2021

Making the Choice to Repair Your Windshield

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