3 Facts You Should Know About Mobile Windshield Replacement Services


If your windshield was recently damaged, mobile windshield replacement services can make getting this damage repaired both quick and convenient. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to take advantage of these mobile services because of common myths and outdated information. Taking the time to review the three facts discussed below can help to ensure that you do not make the same mistake.

Fact #1: You Can Use Insurance Coverage For Mobile Windshield Replacement Services

It is quite common for people to think the only way to use their auto glass insurance coverage is to take their vehicle into a traditional repair shop in order to have the windshield repaired. However, the truth is that you do not need to choose between the convenience of mobile glass replacement services and the ability to use your insurance coverage. In fact, many mobile glass replacement companies will take care of submitting all the necessary paperwork to your insurance company in order to get your coverage for this repair approved. 

Fact #2: You Will Not Need To Wait To Drive Your Car

Many people put off getting their windshield replaced simply because they cannot afford to be without a working vehicle for even a single day. If you have been avoiding the use of mobile windshield replacement services because you believe that your vehicle will need to remain parked for an extended period of time after using these services, you should know that your concerns might be unfounded. This is because mobile windshield replacement companies often use a fast-setting adhesive that will allow you to start driving your vehicle immediately once the job is complete. However, you will want to avoid washing or waxing your vehicle for a few days after having the glass replaced in order to allow this adhesive to fully cure.

Fact #3: Mobile Windshield Repairs Are Just As Reliable As Those Performed In An Auto Shop

Because of the quick nature with which mobile windshield replacements can be completed, many people believe that these services offer a lower quality result than glass replacement services that are offered in an auto shop. However, the truth is that mobile services offer the same high-quality results you could expect when dropping your vehicle off to have the glass replaced. In fact, you may even find that these mobile services offer a higher quality result since mobile glass replacement companies specialize in doing this type of work while auto shops will deal with a much wider variety of jobs. 

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16 May 2022

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